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Argyle Grass-fed Beef Chuck Rib Bone-in


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Argyle Grass-fed Chuck Rib Bone-in is sourced from the shoulder of the cow, a slightly higher position on the rib cab rage with marbling for incredible flavor and richness. Raised ethically in Australia without antibiotics or hormones, this upper back cut boasts exceptional tenderness thanks to minimal connective tissue. Enjoy a naturally flavorful and melt-in-your-mouth experience, perfect for roasting, braising, grilling, or slow cooking.

Also known as: Beef Chuck Short Ribs, Chuck Short Ribs Bone-In, Beef Ribs Bone-in

Chuck ribs are cut from the shoulder of the cow and are very similar to beef short ribs, but come from a slightly higher position on the rib cage. Like short ribs, they contain ample marbling for incredible flavor and richness, and the bones add both delicious flavor and a classic presentation.

- 100% Grass-fed
- Australian Grown & Made
- 100% Antibiotic-Free
- GMO-Free
- HGP-Free
- HALAL Certified
- Delivered frozen
- Lightly marbled
- Always tender
- A 200 to 300g portion serves 1 person

This cut thrives with low and slow cooking methods that render the connective tissue and create a tender, flavorful result. Here's how to achieve slow-roasted perfection:

1. Braising: This is the ideal method for a tender, fall-apart chuck rib. Sear the beef in a Dutch oven, then add flavorful liquids (like wine, broth, or a combination) and aromatics. Cover and cook in a low oven (around 160°C/ 325°F) for several hours until the meat is fork-tender.
2. Slow Cooker: Brown the chuck rib first, then place in your slow cooker with your chosen braising liquid and vegetables. Cook on low for 6-8 hours or on high for 4-5 hours, until incredibly tender.

Chuck rib is a favorite for smoking, resulting in a deeply flavorful and incredibly tender piece of meat. 1. Season generously with your preferred rub.
2. Smoke over low, indirect heat (around 110°C/225°F) for several hours, maintaining the temperature and replenishing wood chips as needed.
3. Cook until an internal temperature of around 93°C / 200°F is reached.

- Don't skimp on searing: A good sear before slow-cooking or smoking adds incredible depth of flavor.
- Use a thermometer: The most reliable way to determine doneness, especially for long cooking methods.
- Rest: Allow the beef to rest for 10-15 minutes before slicing. This redistributes the juices for a more succulent final product.

Rare (48-52°C): Very red and cool in the center, incredibly juicy and tender. Best for those who like their beef quite rare.

Medium-Rare (54-57°C - Recommended): The most popular choice for a juicy steak with a warm, red center and a beautiful balance of tenderness and flavor.

Medium (60-63°C): Pink center with a firmer texture. For those who prefer their beef a bit less pink.

Medium-Well (65-68°C): Mostly brown with a slight hint of pink.

Well Done (71°C and above): Cooked through with no pink. Less juicy and tender than rarer options.

Please note: These are general guidelines. Cooking times can vary depending on the thickness of your steak and your cooking method. It's always best to use a meat thermometer for the most accurate doneness.

All of our beef is vacuum-packed, extending its shelf life by 50%. Each beef cut is individually vacuum-packed for convenient storage.

Chiller 0°C to 4°C: 3 to 5 days
Freezer below 0ºC: Up to 12 months - though it's unlikely to remain there for so long!

How to Handle and Thaw: For optimal results, thaw the beef in the refrigerator for upto 48 hours, preserving its natural juices for exceptional flavor.

Indulge in the finest Australian-raised beef with Argyle Prestige Meats. This family-owned company, a legacy of Australian farming excellence since 1938, champions sustainable practices at every stage. Their cattle are ethically raised on a grass-fed diet, free from hormones and antibiotics. Argyle prioritizes environmental responsibility and animal welfare, ensuring the highest quality product. Their dedication shines through in their integrated process, making their delicious beef available and sought-after worldwide.