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Asiago D.O.P


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Asiago has its own nutty, savouriness and is a great addition to any cheese board with bread and crackers. Alternatively is enriches stews and casseroles and can be grated over pizza and pasta dishes.

Cow's milk

Protected Origin (DOP)
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Cow's milk. Hard.

Asiago is produced in the northeast of Italy around Vicenza and Trento. It is manufactured to strict DOP regulations to ensure it is an authentic product.

Keep chilled.


About Asiago

The origin of goodness. An area where man and nature have always lived side by side. A geographical area that contains mountains and plains, passing down through the hills around Vicenza. Only here, the variety of vegetation is echoed by a particular microclimate. It is the land of the finest milk, the milk that becomes the best cheese.

A production zone with unique characteristics, a dairy tradition handed down through the generations. These are the ingredients that make their cheese a Protected Origin Name. Natural and human factors recognised as the best guarantee of excellence and safety.