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D'Amico Caperberries Sicilian Style

Great on their own, as part of meat and cheese boards, or thrown into seafood dishes like a rich puttanesca.
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An absolute classic staple in Italian cuisine, these pickled berries bring the same punch of pickled cucumbers but are toned down just a bit to create a subtler and softer flavour profile.

Once opened keep refrigerated, in oil.
consume within 15 days. Best before: see cap.


About d'Amico

d'Amico, founded in 1968, at the behest of the brothers Francesco and Mario D'Amico, is now in its third generation. It is a brand under D&D Italia, one of the leading companies in Italy specialized in the production of preserved food.

Over the years d'Amico has distinguished itself for high quality standards in processes and services with a production carried out in the modern plants of Pontecagnano Faiano and Rovereto, careful selection of raw materials, constant search for new products and innovative processing methods, technologically advanced production systems, assistance and dedication to customers.


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