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D'Amico Sundried Tomatoes Pesto 530g

Add to your pasta, pizza, salads, or on top of your grilled meats to release a fresh and bright herby hit of flavor.
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This jar of pesto with sun-dried tomatoes by D'Amico radiates red from the sundried tomatoes, garlic, and sunflower oil mix. And peppered throughout is the delightfully crunchy and satisfyingly rich texture of cashews and Grana Padano.

Once opened keep refrigerated, as it is, consume within 3 days.


About d'Amico

d'Amico, founded in 1968, at the behest of the brothers Francesco and Mario D'Amico, is now in its third generation. It is a brand under D&D Italia, one of the leading companies in Italy specialized in the production of preserved food.

Over the years d'Amico has distinguished itself for high quality standards in processes and services with a production carried out in the modern plants of Pontecagnano Faiano and Rovereto, careful selection of raw materials, constant search for new products and innovative processing methods, technologically advanced production systems, assistance and dedication to customers.

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