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Del Alamo Catalan Ratatouille 500g

Spruce it up with more veg and meat, spice it up or simply add water or broth to make it soupy.
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Catalan Ratatouille or Samfaina can be used both as an appetizer on it's own (with some good bread) and as part of other dishes, e.g. Conill Amb Samfaina.⁠⁠ ⁠This ready-to-eat hearty Spanish dishes are a must-have in every cupboard.

Keep in a dry and cool place. Consume once opened.


About Del Alamo

Del Alamo is one of Consuervas Huertas’ trademark. Huertas was founded in 1960 at La Mancha, Spain. They are dedicated to the production of preserves whilst using traditional methods. Since its inception, they have been a pioneer in its field, preparing and preserving cooked authentic Spanish dishes using heat treatment as a basis for conservation.


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