Edam | The Netherlands

Grand'Or Dutch Edam Ball 900g


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Slice or cut in cube as a snack, in sandwiches, grated, grilled, or served at breakfast with chocolate and eggs, as they do in the Netherlands.

Cow's milk

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Cow's milk. Traditional Edam with rind.

Red wax-coated Edam aged for 28 days and above is a familiar sight on deli counters the world over. Beneath the thin rind is a smooth, supple texture and milky, sweet, buttery flavour, becoming more flavoursome and firmer with age.

Keep refrigerated at 3-6°C.


About Grand'Or

Grand’Or, a brand of Unilac Holland BV, stands for the best cheeses out of all major European cheese countries like The Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Italy and Greece. Grand’Or is being exported to more than 70 countries in all parts of the world. With a production capacity of about 800 million kilo of cheese each year, Holland is one of the biggest cheese producers of Europe.