Edam | The Netherlands

Grand'Or Edam Loaf 3kg


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Pairs well with melon, apricots, peaches, and cherries. Served as an appetizer or after-dinner snack on crackers or bread. Also great in sandwiches, grilled, grated, or served at breakfast with chocolate and eggs as they do in the Netherlands.

Cow's milk

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Cow's milk. 40% fat.

Edam cheese in loaf form, without rind, is a staple in the kitchen as it is ready to be thinly sliced, grated, or cubed. A famous cheese sold in the old world since the 14th century. Edam Cheese is named after the Dutch town called Edam. It has a very mild taste, slightly salty and nutty. Edam has a spicier taste and firmer texture than mild Gouda.

Unopened at 4-8°C. Keep chilled.


About Grand'Or

Grand’Or, a brand of Unilac Holland BV, stands for the best cheeses out of all major European cheese countries like The Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Italy and Greece. Grand’Or is being exported to more than 70 countries in all parts of the world. With a production capacity of about 800 million kilo of cheese each year, Holland is one of the biggest cheese producers of Europe.