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Isola Augusta Prosecco Rose Brut 2022


Sparkling, Rose, Peach & Apricot aromas.

Varietals: Brut Glera
Origin: Fruili, Italy
ABV: 11.5%

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Eyes: Bright Pink
Nose: Peach and apricot scent.
Mouth: Soft & Juicy Finish

Bright pink in colour, it has a peach and apricot scent. Its flavour is soft and fruity.

Prosecco, originating from North Eastern Italy, provides an affordable alternative to Champagne. Primarily crafted from the Glera grape, it offers crisp acidity, low sugar, and abundant fruit flavors. Features a bright straw yellow colour with apple and citrus fruit scents. Soft and lingering taste. Excellent as an aperitif and goes well with main courses, appetizers, shellfish, cured meats and snacks.

Pair with salmon sashimi, scallops. fresh cheeses like fresh goat cheese (chèvre), mozzarella, or ricotta and soft cheeses like brie and camembert

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About Isola Augusta

From an ancient Friuli winery near Venice, steeped in winemaking tradition since Roman times, comes Prosecco that epitomizes its global popularity. Father-son duo Massimo and Jacopo carry on the family legacy, crafting Italy's finest Prosecco for moments with loved ones. It's ultra-elegant, boasting notes of apple, ripe pear, and lip-smacking white peaches. This winery combines history with modernity, prioritizing eco-friendliness. Massimo and Jacopo maintain an entirely organic, environmentally conscious operation, nurturing the land and vines to create guilt-free, delicious wines, free from harmful chemicals.

About Sparkling

Sparkling wine is carbonated by yeast fermenting in an airtight container. The 2 most common sparkling winemaking methods are called "traditional method" and "tank method".

Sparkling wines are produced throughout the world and often follows the same winemaking methods and grape varieties found in Champagne.