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La Cueva del Abuelo Manchego Gran Reserva


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Manchego has its own nutty, savouriness and is a great addition to any cheese board with bread and crackers. Alternatively, it enriches stews and casseroles and can be grated over pizza and pasta dishes.

Sheep's milk

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Sheep's milk. 12 months aging. Semi-hard.

This superb unpasturised milk cheese has a delicious sharpness and a firm, almost flaky texture. Aged for 12 months, it has a rich, nutty flavour after extended aging.

Keep refrigerated.


About Spanish Cheese S.L.

Spanish Cheese S.L. is a dairy industry established in Albacete, on lands geographically belonging to the Protected Designation of Origin of Manchego cheese. Sheeps of the Manchega breed have grazed in our surroundings for centuries. Their milk is the only one that can be used to obtain one of the most precious foods in our region and in all of Spain: Manchego PDO cheese.

They initially owe their success to the renowned quality of their Manchego PDO cheese, awarded by the International Taste Institute of Brussels with its highest prize, Superior Taste Award, the three stars.