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La Golosa di Puglia Golden Smoked Burrata 100g

Serve as an appetiser, in salads, or as part of a main course. Toss it with tomatoes, avocado, and olive oil for a complete experience. Top it on pizza or serve it as it is.

Cow's milk

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Cow's milk.

Golden like its royal appearance, the smoked burrata is a typical variant of the traditional Apulian burrata. The strong and intense flavour of the smoke enhances the very soft filling making the Dorata a delicacy and goodness for the palate.

Store at -18°C. Thaw at +4°C in 24 hours. After thawing, use the product within 5 days. Do not refreeze. Once the package is opened, consume within 24 hours.

Calories, 240
Total Fat (g), 20g
- Saturated Fat (g), 12.5g
- Trans Fat (g), 0.57g
Cholesterol (mg), 55mg
Sodium (mg), 600mg
Total Carbohydrate (g), 2g
- Dietary Fiber (g), 0g
- Total Sugars (g), 2g
Protein (g), 13g

Ingredients: Mozzarella (pasteurised cow's milk, salt, acidity regulator: (citric acid rennet), UHT cream (cream, milk, stabilisers: Xanthan gum, carrageenan,
Emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, lactic acid esters) 50%. Natural smoked.

About La Golosa di Puglia

La Golosa di Puglia was born in 2009 in Gioia del Colle, in the province of Bari. It is the first brand of the company, a brand that has conquered a role over time in of the national and international markets.