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Fromage Gruyère Raclette Brasier


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Traditionally a large piece of Raclette is melted slowly with a candle and allowed to drip onto cooked potatoes below. Its special melting properties make it a popular choice for many cooked Alpine dishes, gratins, pasta dishes, and toasted sandwiches.

Cow's milk

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Cow's milk. 45% FIDM. Semi-hard.

Raclette is an Alpine cheese, originally produced by shepherds during the summer in the mountains. Made from unpasteurized milk it has a washed and brushed rind. Once melted it has an intense, rich aroma.

Keep chilled.


About Le Gruyère

The production of cheese in the region can be traced back to 1115. It continues nowadays according to a well-tried recipe in the village cheese dairies of its native land – the district of La Gruyère in the Canton of Fribourg (Switzerland) – but also in the cantons of Vaud, Neuchâtel, and Jura, as well as in a few municipalities of Bern.

Discussions held in Madrid (1891), Paris (1926) and then Rome (1930) resulted in the signing of a first agreement to protect the denominations of goods and their origin.

However, it was only in 2001 that Gruyère cheese was granted Controlled Designation of Origin (AOC) at the national level. In 2011, it received the Protected Designation of Origin (AOP) for all of Europe.