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Metin Fig Jam 360g

Delicious on toast and bread, can be stirred through plain yogurt, added to desserts and tarts, or served with cheese.
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The honey-gold color and molasses-like sweetness and slightly winey flavors of figs are preserved in this jam by Metin. Perfect size for picnics. With only these ingredients you know this Fig jam is going to be good: 45% Figs, sugar, glucose, citric acid, pectin. Packed with the best, sun-ripened Turkish fruit this jam will exceed your expectations.

Keep in cool and dry place.

Energy, 291.44kcal
Carbohydrate, 71.92g
Protein, 0.94g

Ingredients: 35% fig, sugar, glucose, citric acid, pectin

About Metin

Founded 50 years ago, Metin’s history dates back to four generations. It has since grown into a globally-renowned and distributed brand with their decades of experience.

With its consistently high standards, Metin exports to 28 countries worldwide, offering incredible products that are not simply delicious but are Halal-certified and kosher as well!


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