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Metin Tahini Sesame Paste

Use to create hummus and baba ganoush dips. Dip raw veggies in. Spread it on toast, drizzle on falafel, add to salad dressing, or stir it into soup.
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The distinct and powerful flavour and aroma of toasted sesame seeds blend to create this smooth classic Middle Eastern condiment by Metin. A little lemon juice adds a bright note that cuts through the full texture of this paste.

Keep in cool and dry place.

Energy, 654kcal
Fat, 56g
Carbohydrate, 10.81g
Protein, 26.8g

Ingredients: Sesame paste

About Metin

Founded 50 years ago, Metin’s history dates back to four generations. It has since grown into a globally-renowned and distributed brand with their decades of experience.

With its consistently high standards, Metin exports to 28 countries worldwide, offering incredible products that are not simply delicious but are Halal-certified and kosher as well!

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