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Molini Amoruso Semola Rimacinata Pasta/Pizza Flour 1kg

A high-gluten flour made from hard durum wheat. It has coarse texture, yellow color and is high in gluten product.
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Keep in cool and dry place.


About Molini Amoruso

In 1958 three brothers – Leonardo, Nicola and Vincenzo – put all their physical and economic efforts into the project of a soft wheat mill. The success of their dream was ensured by their thirst of knowledge that brought them to what they could define as the scent of bread which is connected to genuineness, warmness, familiarity. There is no food as ancestral as bread.

Since its setting-up, Molini Amoruso has been pursuing its journey across generations and continues to seek the simplest and beloved flavours such as flour, water, and fire.

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