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Naarmann Whipping Cream 1L

Whip into luscious peaks for all your cake and pie dolloping needs. It's also rich enough that it won't curdle when heated in soups and sauces. It's nearly identical to heavy cream, so if a recipe calls for heavy cream and you can only find whipping cream, feel free to use this instead.
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The UHT Whipping cream with 35% fat is suitable for all requirements in the kitchen. It brings together ideal cooking properties and outstanding foamability.

Whether as whipped cream for serving cakes and desserts or as cooking cream in sweet and savoury dishes – Naarmann's UHT cream (35%) refines every dish with its delicate, creamy taste.

Recommended storage temperature: +4°C to +8°C. Can be used within 2-3 days, if kept refrigerated after opening. Cool the cream for 5 hours in the fridge before whipping.

Energy, 1392kJ/338kcal
Fat (g), 35.1g
-of which: Saturates (g), 22g
Carbohydrate (g), 3.1g
-of which: Sugar (g) 3.1g
Protein (g), 2.4g
Salt (g), 0.08g
Sodium (g), 0.03g

Ingredients: Cream, thickening agent (carrageenan)

About Naarmann

For more than 118 years, Naarmann (a Münsterland-based dairy company) has been a supplier of high-quality, semi-perishable and varied dairy products in the catering, restaurant and food processing industries. Due to their consistently high quality in the production of dairy products and continuous development of their range, they have made a name for themselves as a dairy producer for bulk consumers and have since become indispensable in gastronomy, hospitality and commercial kitchens.

Founded by Theodor Naarmann in 1903, the dairy has been passed down from one generation to the next as a family business. Now in great grandchildren will carry on this legacy. The quality and variety of their products are constantly being developed and optimised thanks to regular investment in new technologies and in-house innovation to provide our customers with the best dairy products possible.


Sourced from the finest dairy farms, our creams are renowned for its smooth texture, making it a favorite among chefs and food enthusiasts.

Cream is a versatile ingredient that lends itself to both sweet and savory applications. Whisk it into a luscious chantilly cream for a heavenly dessert topping, fold it into sauces to create a velvety smoothness, or use it to enrich soups and stews. Its ability to enhance flavors and provide a luxurious mouthfeel makes it an essential component in creating indulgent and memorable culinary experiences.