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Oba Feta 4kg


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Crumble it over soups and salads, toss it with pastas, grains, and roasted vegetables. Use it in galettes and pies or serve on its own with a plate of olives, peppers, olive oil, and fresh flatbread.

Sheep & goat's milk

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Sheep & goat's milk.

This Feta is a brined curd, white cheese of sheep and goat milk. It is a crumbly, aged cheese and has an interesting, slightly grainy texture in comparison to other cheeses.

Keep refrigerated at 4-8°C.

Energy, 935kj/225kcal
Fat (g), 17g
-of which: Saturates (g), 12g
Carbohydrate (g), 6g
-of which: Sugar (g), 6g
Protein (g), 12g
Sodium (mg), 2.5g

Ingredients: Pasteurised cow's milk, salt, ripening cultures, rennet substitute (microbial rennet), allergen: milk