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Rognoni Umberto Fontina D.O.P Extra


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This cheese makes a great addition to sauces, sandwiches, pizzas, and pasta dishes. Melted in the oven with a little oil and some herbs it becomes an original dip for bread. Fontina is excellent with dried dark fruits such as dates, raisins, and figs, as a dessert.

Cow's milk

Protected Origin (DOP)
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Cow's milk.

The lush grass in the valleys of Aosta is the secret to Fontina's claim as one of the world's great cheeses. The rich cow's milk creates a cheese with superb melting properties, to enrich many different recipes. Served simply Fontina can be a revelation.

Keep chilled.


About Rognoni Umberto

Cheese sellers for three generations, Rognoni Umberto have been selecting, aging, and selling cheeses and cured meats since 1913.