Medium Red | Italy

Salvano Langhe Dolcetto 2021


Very pleasant and soft on the mouth.

Varietals: 100% Dolcetto
Origin: Piedmont, Italy
ABV: 13.5 %

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Eyes: Medium Bodied, Crimson
Nose: Plum and Blackberry Bouquet
Mouth: Nutty finish

A Piedmont red. Grapes from Longa Monregalese to Carrucese. Clayey-sandy vineyards. Selected, crushed grapes in steel tanks, 5-month aging, then bottling. Dry with good acidity.

Pair with cannelloni, gnocchi with meat sauce and spicy cheeses. It should be served in a broad glass at a temperature of 15-18°C. Some minutes of decantation are enough to enhance its qualities.

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About Bold Reds

Bold red wines typically have high tannins, opaque ruby colours from high anthocyanin content, and rich fruit flavours. Wines that are bold such as these can be enjoyed on their own or with equally bold-flavoured foods.