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Singletons & Co. Red Leicester


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Red Leicester melts well in cooking and can be used as a gratin for many baked and grilled dishes. Its colour can add interest to mashed and baked potatoes, and cheese sauces.

Cow's milk

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Cow's milk. Melting cheese.

Blend of Emmental, Gruyere, white wine, Kirsch Brandy, and special spices. Red Leicester is historically coloured with carrot juice or more recent annato to distinguish it from cheddar. It has a milder flavour.

Keep refrigerated.

Ingredients: Pasteurised cow's milk, salt

About Singletons & Co.

Based in the rolling hills of Lancashire, Singletons & Co. has a rich history in handcrafted cheesemaking. There is not much they do not know about creating, crafting, sourcing and selecting some of the finest cheeses the UK has to offer. They are proud to use techniques and recipes passed down through the Singleton family over generations.

They have been selling their handcrafted traditional cheeses since 1934 and are still proud to be able to use some of these original techniques and recipes today. It is this inherited expertise and craftsmanship that runs through the very fabric of their business today, providing a solid foundation of knowledge to fuel ongoing development and innovation.