Rich White | Chile

U by Undurraga Chardonnay 750ml


Youthful, fresh, vibrant
Pairs well with white meat fish, shellfish, chicken, turkey, and salad.

Varietals: Chardonnay
Origin: Central Valley, Chile
ABV: 13.0%

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• 86 points, Wine Enthusiast

Eyes: Golden yellow
Nose: Flowers and fruits such as ripe banana and pineapple
Mouth: Honey, lemon, melon, fresh, very floral

The youthful, fresh and vibrant first range from Viña Undurraga. Hugely appealing to all palates. The ‘U’ by Undurraga wines capture the personality and characteristics of Viña Undurraga. Produced in Chile’s Central Valley, the soils are alluvial in origin, medium textured, loamy to sandy-loam and well drained. The climate is sub-humid Mediterranean. Winters are mild and Summers are temperate and dry with cool nights. This ensures the production of healthy grapes with a delicate texture and accentuated aroma. It has an elegantly perfumed aroma and is fresh and very floral on the palate. It is recommended as an aperitif although it can also be accompanied with fish, seafood and oriental dishes.

Serving temperature: Chilled at 7-13°C
Storage: Up to 3-5 days after opening

Food to pair with this wine

About Viña Undurraga

The winery was established in the heart of the Maipo region in Santa Ana Estate, 34 kilometres from Santiago de Chile, and is one of the oldest wineries in Chile. Viña Undurraga was the first Chilean winery to export wines to the US market in 1903. Their wine won its first international award as early as 1910 and still bagging important awards to date. Rafael Urrejola, the head winemaker of Viña Undurraga is one of Chile’s brightest young winemakers, who is also responsible for the “Terroir Hunter” range. The state-of-the-art winemaking cellars have a whopping capacity of 20 million-litre. The cool underground cellars built during Undurraga’s beginning years in the nineteenth century are used to age their Reserva wines, preserving the wine in ideal conditions and also bonds wines with the old tradition.

About Rich White

Rich whites are full-bodied white wines that are perfect for red wine lovers because of their rich smooth taste with subtle creaminess. What makes them different than light white wines usually involves special winemaking techniques including the use of oak-aging, (just like aged whiskeys, wine becomes smoother with barrel aging too).

The classic choice for this wine is Chardonnay and particularly Chardonnay from a warmer climate (like California, Spain or Italy). Beside Chardonnay, another great option in this style is Viognier.