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Arniston Bay Shiraz 2021


Red, Full Bodied, raspberry & white pepper, Juicy & elegant palate

Varietals: Shiraz
Origin: Arniston Bay, Western Cape
ABV: 13.5%

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The Arniston Bay Shiraz 2020 were awarded Gold medals at the 2021 International Michelangelo Awards.

Gold medals at the 2021 Gilbert and Gaillard International Challenge.

Eyes: Dark purple
Nose: A spicy and floral wine with crisp and inviting notes of
raspberry, liquorice and white pepper.
Mouth: Juicy, fine and supple tannins make this the perfect wine to enjoy with tapas.

Whole bunch crushed, followed by fermentation in an open fermenter with selected yeast strains and finally barrel-aged for ten months in French oak barrels. The final wine is chosen from a final selection of barrels to ensure the complexity and balance of the final wine.

Pair with grilled steaks, sausages, & semi-hard cheeses like gruyère, emmental, or gouda

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About Arniston Bay

Established in 1996, Arniston Bay was inspired by the charm and breathtaking beauty of the historic Arniston fishing village on the
Southern tip of Africa.

Arniston Bay wines are expertly crafted by thefather and son winemaking
duo, Francois and Abraham de Villiers and harness the freshness and world-class quality of wines produced from Coastal vineyards.

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About Bold Red

Full-bodied red wines are the deepest darkest and most tannic of all the red wines. Tannin might sound weird and bitter but the tannin in wine binds to proteins in our saliva and it has a palate-cleansing effect. This is why a bold red wine pairs so wonderfully with a juicy, fatty steak like ribeye. Full-bodied red wines are also quite pleasing and stand on their own as a cocktail wine.

You’ve no doubt experienced one of these wines if you’re a wine lover, they include Syrah/Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and even Pinotage. These are perfect examples of how bold a wine can be.