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Balparmak Honey & Hazelnut Spread

Spread on your favorite bread, bake with it or add to your dessert and enjoy. No need to refrigerate after opening.
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Honey and hazelnut with added cacao, doubling its taste! It consists of 55% honey, 15% hazelnut, and plenty of cocoa. This is an irreplaceable snack for people who desire the best for their kids & families. Its honey is the original delicious Balparmak, with fresh hazelnut!

Keep out of direct sunlight. Store at room temperature.

Energy, 2165kj/519kcal
Fat, 30.5g
Saturated fat, 2.8g
Trans fat, 0g
Carbohydrates, 58.2g
Sugars, 43.3
Fibre, 3.6g
Protein, 4.7g
Salt, 0.15g

Ingredients: Honey (60%), hazelnut (21%), vegetable oil (hazelnut, sunflower), skim milk powder, natural flavouring (vanilla)

About Balparmak

The story of Balparmak is as much the story of the two brothers who gave life to the industry’s most prominent brand as it is the story of the Turkish honey industry itself. This story began in Istanbul, and became over time a success story heard all over the world.

Balparmak broke into the market in 1980 under the umbrella brand Altıparmak, and has since taken steady and determined steps to becoming a global brand. In 1989 Balparmak became Turkey’s favorite honey brand, and has been leading the market since 1991. The brand ranks among Europe’s biggest honey packagers.


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