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John Dee Shin Shank HQ Angus


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Enjoy the deep beefy flavor and amazing tenderness of Shin Shank HQ Angus. This cut from the lower leg rewards slow cooking with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Sourced from grain-fed Angus cattle, meticulously raised for 150-250 days, ensuring a delicious experience.

Also known as: Beef Shank, Foreshank, Osso Buco


Shin Shank HQ Angus boasts incredible flavor and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. This cut comes from the hardworking lower leg of the steer, resulting in well-developed connective tissue. When cooked low and slow, this collagen transforms into luscious gelatin, while its naturally rich beef flavor intensifies.

Experience unparalleled beef with John Dee Super Gold Angus. Raised with care on natural pastures in Australia's pristine Darling Downs, these cattle are antibiotic-free and HGP-free. For exceptional marbling and tenderness, select steers and heifers are grain-fed 150-250 days. John Dee's commitment extends to humane processing and meticulous grading under the AUSMEAT system. Only carcasses achieving a marbling score of 3+ qualify as Super Gold. Carefully aged and expertly trimmed, this beef has captivated discerning chefs and customers for over 30 years. Indulge in superior quality and consistency.

- Grain-fed
- Marble score 3+
- Australian Grown & Made
- 100% Antibiotic-Free
- HGP-Free
- HALAL Certified
- AUSMEAT-Graded
- Delivered frozen
- Exceptionally marbled
- Always tender

Important Notes:
- Tough but Flavorful: Shin shank is full of connective tissue, making it a tough cut but packed with rich beef flavor.
- Low and Slow is the Way: Methods that break down the connective tissue over a long period are essential for tender results.

1. Sear the shin shanks on all sides in a heavy pot or Dutch oven over medium-high heat.
2. Add braising liquid (broth, wine, etc.) to come halfway up the meat, along with aromatics like onions, carrots, and herbs.
3. Cover tightly and cook low and slow – either in the oven at 160-175°C (325-350°F) or on the stovetop over low heat – for 3-4 hours or until the meat is fork-tender and falling off the bone.

Pressure Cooking:
1. Sear the shin shanks in the pressure cooker.
2. Add liquid and aromatics.
3. Pressure cook on high for 60-90 minutes (depending on size), allowing for natural pressure release.

Sous Vide:
1. Set your sous vide device to 74-82°C / 165-180°F (a higher temp helps break down the tough connective tissue).
2. Season the shin shanks and seal in a sous vide bag.
3. Cook for 24-36 hours.
4. Finish with a quick sear in a hot pan for a flavorful crust (optional).

1. Brown for Flavor: Searing the shanks before braising or pressure cooking adds immense flavor.
2. Bold Flavors: This cut can handle robust braising liquids with aromatics and spices.
3. Serving: Often served as Osso Buco with the bone in, or the tender meat can be shredded after cooking.

Traditional doneness levels like rare or medium-rare aren't applicable to shin shank, here's a guide for understanding its doneness:

Undercooked: Tough, chewy, and difficult to separate meat from connective tissue. Requires much longer cooking.

Approaching Tenderness: Meat starts to soften but still requires significant chewing. The connective tissues are breaking down but not fully rendered.

Ideal Doneness: Meat is fall-apart tender, easily shreds with a fork. Connective tissue has transformed into rich, gelatinous texture enhancing the flavor and sauce.

Important Notes:

Cooking for Tenderness: Shin shank is a tough cut due to the high amount of connective tissue. The focus is achieving maximum tenderness, not traditional steak doneness levels.

Long and Slow is Key: Shin shank needs low, moist heat for extended periods (braising, slow cooking) to fully break down the tough tissues.

No Thermometer Needed: Doneness is determined by how effortlessly the meat pulls away from the bone and whether it shreds easily.

All of our beef is vacuum-packed, extending its shelf life by 50%. Each beef cut is individually vacuum-packed for convenient storage.

Chiller 0°C to 4°C: 3 to 5 days
Freezer below 0ºC: Up to 12 months - though it's unlikely to remain there for so long!

How to Handle and Thaw: For optimal results, thaw the beef in the refrigerator for upto 48 hours, preserving its natural juices for exceptional flavor.

For over 75 years, John Dee, a family-owned Australian beef company with four generations of experience, has been a trusted name in quality beef. Located in Warwick, Queensland, they source prime cattle and prioritize excellence in processing to deliver outstanding products to customers worldwide. Their commitment extends beyond taste, encompassing safety, environmental responsibility, and adherence to international standards. This dedication ensures a sustainable and ethical brand, shaping the future of global beef supply.