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Kemal Kükrer Pomegranate Sour

Splash it into marinades, desserts, mixed cocktails, and even savory sauces for heavy meats.
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The deep purple-crimson colour of this concentrate by Kemal Kükrer is mirrored in its deep and intense flavour. A little goes a long way when you’re using this made from 100% fresh pomegranate concentrate.

Keep in a cool and dry place.

Energy, 293kcal/1244kj
Fat, 0g
Saturated Fat, 0g
Carbohydrate, 73g
Sugar, 51g
Protein, 0.2g
Salt, 0g

Ingredients: Concentrated pomegranate

About Kemal Kükrer

For more than a century, Kemal Kükrer has produced in their vinegars in controlled environments using traditional and natural fermentation methods. Their products have continued to be an integral part of tables worldwide with their high quality products that are true to their flavor, made only with the best ingredients

Thanks to their innovation, they have become one of Turkey's most reliable brands in the food category.


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