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Kumo-oh Wagyu A4 Japanese Wagyu Shoulder Clod Frozen


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A4 Japanese Wagyu Shoulder Clod Frozen comes from the hardworking beef shoulder area and boasts the renowned Wagyu marbling for incredible flavor and suprising tenderness. Naturally tougher, it benefits from slow cooking (braises, stews), creating tender and delicious meals.

Also known as: Beef Chuck Clod, Arm Roast, Chuck Shoulder Roast

A4 Japanese Wagyu Shoulder Clod Frozen delivers bold beef flavor straight from the hardworking shoulder (chuck). While typically a leaner cut, the infusion of A4 Wagyu's exquisite marbling transforms it into a luxuriously tender and flavorful experience. Expect an explosion of rich, beefy flavor with a texture that melts in your mouth.

- World-famous premium beef
- From Kyushu Prefecture
- Beautifully Marbled

Important Notes:
- Defrost Properly: Thaw the Wagyu shoulder clod completely in the refrigerator for the best texture.
- Manage the Connective Tissue: Shoulder clod has some connective tissue, making it best cooked low and slow to tenderize.
- Slice Thinly: Slicing Wagyu against the grain into thin cuts maximizes its tenderness.

1. Defrost the shoulder clod and pat dry.
2. Sear it on all sides in a heavy pot or Dutch oven over medium-high heat.
3. Add braising liquid (broth, wine, etc.) to come halfway up the meat.
4. Cover and cook low and slow – either in the oven at 160-175°C (325-350°F) or on the stovetop over low heat – for 3-4 hours or until extremely tender. 5. Let it cool slightly in the liquid.

Sous Vide:
1. Set your sous vide device to 74-82°C / 165-180°F (a higher temp helps break down the connective tissue).
2. Season the defrosted shoulder clod and seal in a sous vide bag.
3. Cook for 24-36 hours.
4. Finish with a quick sear in a hot pan for a flavorful crust (optional but recommended).

1. Shred or Pull: Braised or sous vide Wagyu shoulder clod often becomes shreddable. This works well for sandwiches, tacos, etc.
2. Slice Thinly: If the texture allows, slice against the grain into thin pieces.

- Cooking from Frozen is NOT Recommended: It will compromise the delicate texture of Wagyu.
- Bold Flavors: Wagyu shoulder clod can handle robust braising liquids or marinades.

All of our beef is vacuum-packed, extending its shelf life by 50%. Each beef cut is individually vacuum-packed for convenient storage.

Chiller 0°C to 4°C: 3 to 5 days
Freezer below 0ºC: Up to 12 months - though it's unlikely to remain there for so long!

How to Handle and Thaw: For optimal results, thaw the beef in the refrigerator for upto 48 hours, preserving its natural juices for exceptional flavor.

Hailing from Japan's Kyushu Island, Kumo-oh Wagyu boasts a stunning cherry red hue and a luxuriously buttery texture. But what truly sets it apart is its exceptional marbling. Unlike regular beef, Kumo-oh's fat begins to melt at a cool 77°F, infusing the meat with intense richness as it cooks. This prized Wagyu variety is renowned for its unmatched tenderness and flavor, a testament to the meticulous care these cattle receive. Their diet of high-quality grains and stress-free environment contributes to that melt-in-your-mouth texture and unforgettable taste.