Semi-soft | Brie | The Netherlands

Vaubernier Brie

Slice on a simple cracker as an elegant appetiser or add it to your grazing platter. Use this favourite smooth-and-creamy cheese in main dishes, sandwiches, pasta tosses, and even egg strata.
Protected Origin (DOP)
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Cow's milk. 60% FIDM.

Premium quality cheese with a delicate flavour and deliciously creamy center.

Keep refrigerated at 4-8°C.

Energy, 1322kj/319kcal
Fat (g), 27g
-of which: Saturates (g), 20g
Carbohydrate (g), <0.5g
-of which: Sugar (g), <0.5g
Protein (g), 19g
Salt (g), 1.2g

Ingredients: Pasteurised cow's milk. lactic ferments and refining (milk), salt

About Vaubernier

Vaubernier was established in the heart of the Mayenne countryside in Martigné-sur-Mayenne since 1912.

For more than a century, they have preserved the same traditional lactic recipe using milk, ferments and just the right amount of salt. During ripening, they take the greatest care with all their cheeses by turning each of them by hand.

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Brie, the iconic French cheese, is beloved for its delicate flavor and creamy texture. Crafted from cow's milk and aged to perfection, it offers a soft, buttery interior with a mild, nutty taste and an earthy aroma. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with fresh fruits, honey, nuts, or cured meats, Brie's versatility in the kitchen makes it a favorite among chefs and food enthusiasts alike.

Furthermore, Brie's allure extends to the world of wine pairing, as it harmonizes exquisitely with a variety of wines, from crisp whites like Chardonnay to fruity reds such as Pinot Noir, enhancing the overall culinary experience. This timeless cheese remains a symbol of French culinary expertise, cherished and savored by cheese connoisseurs worldwide.