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Vilux Balsamic Mustard 200g

Whip up a creamy vinaigrette, use to marinate chicken, add to sauces, or serve with steak, this mustard will not disappoint.
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Sweet and savoury mustard made with mustard seeds and the finest balsamic vinegar. The piquancy of the mustard does not overpower the delicate sweet flavours of the balsamic but is balanced so that the flavours beautifully complement one another.

Store in a dry and cool place.

Calories, 10
Fat, 0.6g
Saturated Fat, 0g
Sodium, 80mg
Carbohydrate, 0g
Dietary Fiber, 0g
Sugars, 0g
Protein, 0.3g

Ingredients: Mustard seeds, water, balsamic vinegar, natural (2%), food colouring E150D (caramel), salt, sodium bisulphite

About Vilux

Located in Merey-sous-Montrond in Bourgogne Franche-Comté (Burgundy Franche-Comté) - region where history meets rich and ancestral culinary traditions, Vilux has always seeked to share its love for good cuisine, cooked with the best ingredients.

Vilux is a well-known and recognised brand worldwide for its quality products and its high customer service professionalism. From mustards, oils, to condiments, their wide range of products are handpicked and produced with the greatest care and satisfies with professionals' expectations.


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