Cheddar | Germany

Zott Sliced Cheddar Cheese 38% 800g

Ideal for burgers, paninis, and sandwiches.
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48 slices x 8 packs. 38% FIDM

Sliced pasteurised cheddar cheese with savoury medium cheddar taste. Every slice melts perfectly, keeping a smooth, creamy texture on burgers and sandwiches.

Keep refrigerated.

Energy, 986kj/237kcal
Fat (g), 17g
-of which: Saturates (g), 11.6g
Carbohydrate (g), 4g
-of which: Sugar (g), 4g
Protein (g), 16.6g
Salt (g), 2.9g

Ingredients: Cheese (50%), skimmed milk, butter, emulsifying salts: (E339, E452, E331), milk protein, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, salt, colours: paprika extract, carotenes

About Zott

Zott Dairy is a third-generation Bavarian family company, steeped in tradition. Experience indulgence and quality, first-hand. They have been producing a variety of yoghurt, dessert and cheese specialities for over 90 years. These products are available in numerous countries around the world.

Their passion is for their brands, for milk and indulgence. Innovation, quality, partnerships with milk producers and the sustainable production of our products are all key values to the company.